Special Issue Description

Authors : M. M. Dhamgaye, M. B. Shende, Y. B. Gedam and U. B. Deshmukh

Page Nos : 33-37

Description :
In present paper survey of phytoplankton diversity from Sakharwahi lake of Chandrapur District of Maharashtra state ,India shows 28 species of phytoplankton diversity recorded. Phytoplankton recorded from four taxonomic groups namely Chlorophyceae (15 species) ,Bacillarioaceae (06 species) ,Cyanophyceae (05 species) and Euglenophyceae (02 species). Chlorophyceae group shows dominance over all other groups. Chlorophyceae group shows 53.57 % of phytoplankton and Bacillariophyceae possess 21.43%,followed by Cyanophyceae possess 17.86% and very least number of Euglenophyceae groups possess only 7.12%. As the Euglenophyceae groups shows only two species namely Euglena Spe. and Phacus Spe.

Date of Online: 30 Special Issue-1,Feb.2016