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Authors : Shittal Watile, Vinod Dongre, Konglath Cherian

Page Nos : 859-868

Description :
The rapid pace of industrial activities results in the augmentation of waste generation. Though different industries are known to generate wastes in different quantities, textile industry is notably is the high wastewater generating industry. Besides, the nature of wastewater generated in these industries is also a challenge due to its toxicity. In the backdrop of textile industry wastewater treatment challenges, this study was carried out to review the present status of the treatment options with special reference to phytoremediation approach. This study used scientific literature published in standard scientific journals with science citation index number. The general methods of content analysis have been used to review the collected literature. The review highlighted need to carry out rigorous characterization of textile industry wastewater prior to finalization of phytoremediation process. Also, the selection of plants should be carried out on the basis of feasibility studies so that high performance can be achieved.

Date of Online: 30 May 2014