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Authors : S. K. Waware, R. R. Kamdi, D. B. Khamankar, P. R. Patel

Page Nos : 1308-1313

Description :
In the rural area of Maharashtra so far as aquatic food is concerned the fish plays an important role in the delicious food preferred by the common people for locally available fishes found in the nearby fresh water bodies for nutrition among the essential food constituents. Natural stagnant fresh water bodies provide a self-employment for poor fisherman and social, economical conditions of various places in Yavatmal district. Various types of fishes are found in the Nawargaon lake available for the local rural poor fisherman for their fulfillment of basic needs of life by selling in the weekly market of nearby places and get money. In the Nawargaon lake found locally available fish species for weekly market easily get the common people food requirement in Maregaon Taluka, District Yavatmal. Keeping in the view, the diversity of fish fauna of the Nawargaon lake in Maregaon Taluka in Yavatmal District, Maharashtra, Central India has been studied from the period Feb.2016 to March. 2017.The aim of the study was to explore the fish fauna of Nawargaon Lake. In the course of investigation, four sampling spots were selected viz., SPOTA, SPOT-B, SPOT-C and SPOT-D of Nawargaon lake. The fish diversity is a good indicator of health of aquatic ecosystem. During the research work most of the fresh water fish species are easily available for the maintain of ecological equilibrium of Nawargaon lake which indicates various different Indian major carps such as Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhina mrigala found in the lake along with cat fishes from the period Feb.2016 to March. 2017. Nawargaon lake is huge and spread over area about 2740m and catchment area is 9.663 thousand hectors.

Date of Online: 30 Special Issue No. 2,July.2017