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Corona virus disease, popularly known as COVID-19, is life threatening pandemic disease caused by novel corona virus. Though there are several suggested treatment methods, Primarily the treatment of COVID-19 is done with Anti-viral drugs that block viral replication but as Viruses are highly mutatable, as such no antiviral drug is yet found to be effective., Alternatively Plasma therapy is emerging as effective treatment for COVID-19. First attempt of plasma therapy was adopted by China and United states (US) and now in India , plasma therapy is being used for patients of COVID-19. The Plasma therapy involves administration of Antibodies derived from Blood Plasma of patients recovered of COVID-19 into the patient suffering from COVID-19. Indian council of medical research continuously working on plasma therapy for COVID-19 and reported one patient from Telangana completely recovered, whereas, in one study 27 COVID 19 patient recovered from it. The therapy was used for patient with severe respiratory disorder and also for health professional such as Doctors, nurses etc.

Date of Online: 30 16,July.2020