Special Issue Description

Authors : Ulhe P. P.

Page Nos : 51-56

Description :
From ancient times traditional herbal medicines given a great importance in India. The Ayurvedic medicinal system is an ancient from 5000 years ago. The system gives herbal remedies which is important for health benefits. Now-a- days we face a problem of Corona virus COVID-19 Pandemic. The virus is highly infected and spreads worldwide very speedly. The countries like America, Italy, England are highly infected and mortality rate is also high in this countries. So the Government declared lockdown. WHO declared it as a pandemic because it spreads all around the world. Due to lockdown the economy of all countries totally collapsed. There is no specific medicine or vaccine on the disease. The various research institute of the world engaged to develop vaccine. Uptill now there are no successful results found in them. Some remedies gives benefits to patients related to system of Ayurveda. In precautions like kadha, turmeric, ginger, honey, hot water, fresh vegetables and fruits, grains use in daily routine. In recent research Ashwagandha plant use is now effective in drug preparation and cured a patient in some extent on COVID-19. Ayurveda shows no side effects, herbal drugs are effective on the disease and given relief to patients. Relief is very important for patients because no body knows how we escape from these pandemic effects. So with positive attitude, except the situation, face the problem and help each other with taking proper precautions.

Date of Online: 30 16,July.2020