Special Issue Description

Authors : Pallavi Tupkar, Sabiha A. Vali

Page Nos : 57-63

Description :
"Kaumarbhrutya Tantra" is one amongst eight specialized branches of Ayurveda. It focuses on all aspects of nursing and healthy upbringing of new-borns, infants and children by holistic approach for better progeny and society. Various texts in Ayurveda have given formulas and foods for the development of the child. Complementary foods should be nutritious enough to fulfil the growing needs of the infant. In this study an Ayurvedic based infant formula was assessed for its effect on anthropometric indices in infants. Low birth weight children in the age group of 8-24 months were considered for the study. Infants in two groups were given the Ayurveda based product (AH) and a control commercial product daily in similar proportions to be consumed once along with usual foods. Anthropometric parameters viz; height, weight, head and chest circumference were measured initially and monthly for three months. Results of the study revealed that AH infant food compared favourably with the commercial baby food. The Ayurvedic formulation was found to be satisfactory with the advantage of being nutritionally sound and economically affordable.

Date of Online: 30 16,July.2020