Special Issue Description

Authors : Kohakade S. N., Bhavsar V.V., Karwar S.H and Kadam D.J.

Page Nos : 16-165

Description :
An experiment was carried out to evaluate Forty-Four Moth Bean [Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq.) Marechal] Germplasm’’ genotypes for analysis of quantitative characters. Among the genotypes DHMB-31, DHMB 24, DHMB-30 and DHMB-29 were the top ranking, in terms of yields per plant. The early genotypes were DHMB-16, DHMB-8, DHMB-19, DHMB-10 and DHMB-21 which had observed its average 50% flowering on 43.67,46,46.67,47.33 and 47.33 days respectively, whereas the DHMB-24 , DHMB-29 and DHMB-31 was late in 50% flowering.

Date of Online: 30 ,Feb.2020