Special Issue Description

Authors : N. R. Dahegaonkar

Page Nos : 13-18

Description :
In aquatic ecosystem physicochemical environment exerts profound influence on its biotic components. It controls biodiversity, biomass and spatial distribution of biotic communities in time and space. The physical and chemical parameters exert their influence both individually and collectively and their interaction creates abiotic environment. The Lohara Nullah originates from the dense forest area near Lohara village. . It flows up to 12 kms, before merging into Zarpat river through the same area on the eastern part of the Chandrapur city. The present investigation attempts to study the water quality and diversity of zooplankton of Lohara nullah in Chandrapur. The seasonal variation in physicochemical parameters like Water Temperature, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, DO, Free CO2, BOD, COD etc. were studied as well as qualitative and quantitative study of zooplankton was carried out for a period of two years i.e. from June -2005 to May -2007. Glimpse of observations on physico-chemical parameters and diversity of zooplankton indicate that the nullah at the sampling site is polluted.

Date of Online: 30 Special Issue-1,Feb.2016