Special Issue Description

Authors : V. B. Murkute and A. W. Chavan

Page Nos : 8-12

Description :
The rotifers constitute a dominant component of fresh water zooplankton in lentic ecosystems and also an integral link in aquatic food chains because of their rapid turnover rates and partly because of many species feed on detritus and bacteria and also serves as a food for fishes. They are also regarded as valuable bioindicators to depict trophic status of water quality of their environment. Although Chandrapur district is considered as a District of Ponds and Lakes, the rotifer diversity from lentic ecosystem of this district as a whole and the Bramhapuri in particularly is not recorded so far. Hence the present contribution deals with rotifer diversity in three lentic ecosystems at Bramhapuri. In the present investigation, 42 species of rotifers are recorded, belonging to 15 families and 21 genera and bioindicators value of some species in aquatic pollution is also discussed. The present study would be very useful in investigation of rotifers and future environmental impact assessment studies.

Date of Online: 30 Special Issue-1,Feb.2016