Special Issue Description

Authors : P. B. Chatap , P. M. Telkhade and P. J. Khinchi

Page Nos : 5-7

Description :
Penganga is a one of the major source of water for domestic and irrigation use for people and commonly known as Painganga. The present investigations are preliminary attempt to study the Physico-Chemical parameters of River Penganga.Physico-chemical Parameters like Temperature, pH Conductivity, D.O., Free CO2, Alkalinity, Hardness and Total solids have been studied for about six month duration from April 2014 - September 2014 at two sites. Measured values are compared with standard values suggested by WHO and it is observed that River Penganga showing various seasonal fluctuation which leads to the deterioration of River water. It may be due to the human interfere specially discharge of domestic and agricultural waste in water.

Date of Online: 30 Special Issue-1,Feb.2016