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Authors : Chhaya Bhalshankar

Page Nos : 118-122

Description :
Tephrosia hamiltoni Drumm. and Achyranthes aspera L. are the weed plants grown during rainy season along the road sides and waste land were used to prepare manures like vermicompost, compost as well as neemcake is a residue left after extraction of oil used as nutrient source along with biofertilizer azotobacter and phosphate solubilizing bacteria and only biofertilizer double dose. Treatments given were ATVB, ATCB, NCB, BioD, NPK and control in randomized block design. Growth analysis and yield of grains were studied. Results were shown that highest yield of grains in BioD followed by ATVB, ATCB, NCB, NPK and lowest in control.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020