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Authors : Ganesh Nikam Mukul Barwant

Page Nos : 1-10

Description :
The brinjal (Solanum melongena) it is one most widely used vegetable crop in many countries. It is important vegetable growing in all season with rich nutritive value. During the plant growth different insect and pest are attacking on the plant during which we used different insecticide and pesticide. Pesticide are group of chemical which suppress growth pest and animal and protect the agricultural product . Some commonly used pesticide is Neon and Chloropyrifos having effect on the germination and plant growth. In the present study, the effect of over application of two commonly used pesticides (Neon and Chloropyrifos) was evaluated on the germination, seedling vigor and photosynthetic pigments in brinjal The obtained results revealed that seed germination was decreased by the pesticides. All the tested pesticides reduced the growth of brinjal when applied in higher concentration than the recommended dose, but at lower doses the pesticides had some stimulatory effects on growth as compared to the control. Same effect occurs in Root and Shoot length as dose will increase than the recommendation then root and shoot length will be decrease while when reduced the dose of pesticide then root and shoot length will be increase . A similar effect of pesticides was observed on the photosynthetic pigments, i.e. a decrease in pigments concentrations was caused at higher doses but an increase was observed at lower doses of pesticides.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020