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Authors : Kartiki Kawale, S.Chimurkar, A.A. Fulzele

Page Nos : 44-49

Description :
Lipases are widely used enzyme, known for its application in various industries. The fungal strains are preferred for lipase production since their enzymes are secreted extracellular and the extraction technique is simple. Thermophilic fungal enzymes are more important because of their stability at high temperature. During present investigation a thermophilic fungi Rhizomucour pusillus was isolated from decomposing leaves collected from forest of Nagpur district. Strain improvement of R. pusillus was carried out the increase Lipase production by using chemical mutagen EMS. Mutant strains derived were evaluated for yield of lipases production. Lipase activity of mutants was assayed by evaluation of quantity of fatty acid released in unit time during enzyme reaction and its measured by the quantity of NaOH required to maintain pH neutral. Present work also includes the effect of natural inducer such as wheat bran and olive oil on lipase production. It was concluded that the wheat bran is good inducer for lipase production as compare to olive oil during the process of submerged fermentation

Date of Online: 30 may 2021