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Authors : Sangita R. Meghal and Kalpana Jadhav

Page Nos : 31-33

Description :
The study evaluates socio-economic status of pregnant diabetic women and assessed health status of these women. A survey method was followed for collecting data. The data was collected through well-structured interview schedule from randomly selected 500 pregnant diabetic women in Nagpur city of Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra state. Study concluded that diabetes during pregnancy is evident in all socioeconomic strata of society, furthermore, pregnant women with diabetes shows poor health status. They generally exhibit high blood pressure (systolic 192.2±24.36mm/Hg and diastolic 112.4±9.37mm/Hg)), low hemoglobin percentage (9.6±3.4 gm%). They exhibit health related multiple problems among which constipation, fatigue and bleeding were most common health problems. Study suggested that diabetic pregnant women should perform exercises recommended by doctors on regular basis, should take medicines only as recommended by the doctor for the physical trouble and should undergo regular health checkups.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2019