Issue Description

Authors : H.N. Aiwale*, D.R. Murumkar. S.V. Khadtare, L.N. Tagad and K.C. Ombase

Page Nos : 113-117

Description :
The present study was made to evaluate safflower germplasm accessions for resistance against Alternaria leaf spot. Natural disease screening was carried out during rabi 2018-19 at AICRP on Safflower, Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Solapur by growing a total of 46 safflower test entries. Based on intensity of disease,23entries shown tolerant reaction with the disease intensity of less than 40 per cent and remaining entries along with checks were classified either under susceptible or highly susceptible group. This study further substantiates the lack of high and stable sources of resistance to alternaria leaf spots among the germplasms in safflower.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020