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Authors : Sunil M. Chore

Page Nos : 162-163

Description :
The word “Nano” is used for very small particles which size is 10-9 meter. So particles have unique physicochemical properties - large surface area, more reactivity, being more absorbed, etc. Nanotechnology is applied in many industries, medicines, electronics and others enhanced the interesting in agricultural applications. More than 10 percent of agricultural applications of nanotechnology are foods, beverages and food packaging products the effects of metals and metal oxides on plant growth and development as well as their mechanisms in plants. Nanofertilizers industry, bio-production of energy, purification of water, control and treatment of plant diseases. This informative paper suggests need to pay attention to knowledge about nanotechnology in agriculture and food industry; benefits in plant growth. relationships between properties of nanomaterials and biological interactions.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020