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Authors : G.M. Pathare

Page Nos : 87-90

Description :
Present paper deals with the aerobiological investigation over Sunflower fields by using Volumetric continuous Tilak Air Sampler was employed for exploring fungal airspora over a Sunflower field at Kada, Tal. Ashti and Dist. Beed. 5th July to 30thSeptember 2003 for second Kharif season and 10thNovember 2003 to 29th February 2004 for first Rabi season. The present paper deals with airborne concentration of Cladosporium spores over sunflower fields. The concentration of airborne Cladosporium spores was assessed and the roles of the metrological parameters over the spore concentration were discussed. The spore concentration was maximum (58030/m3and46270/m3of air) in the month of September 2003and December2003during second Kharif season and first Rabi season respectively.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020