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Authors : L.K. Dhumal*, P.R. Barve and C.S. Arsule

Page Nos : 100-104

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Children are the most susceptible to various types of viral diseases and infectious due to low immune system. There are many important diseases which are common in children worldwide such as gastrointestinal, respiratory, urinary, kidney disorders, liver, ear nose throat disease (ENT), eye infection, and dental anomalies. Immune system diseases as a result of nutrition deficiency are the key element for child diseases. India is a land of rich biodiversity and indigenous knowledge, particularly traditional ethnomedical practices. It is reported that the folk medicine system of India uses about 5000 different plant species with about 25,000 formulations as medicines for various ailments whereas the tribal healers use about 8000 wild plants with nearly 1,75,000 preparations. Various medicinal plants have been used by people for child care. Most of the commonly used plant part is root, stem. Leaf, fruit, seed etc. There is a need to conduct clinical trials to support traditional claims and to analyse cellular and molecular mechanisms involved. Leaves and fruits are most used parts, herbs are most used life form, decoction method were used for administration, and oral ingestion was the main used route of application. Most of the species in the present study were used to cure gastrointestinal.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020