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Authors : Mangesh Kacharu Shirsath

Page Nos : 105-109

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In the world there are huge economic events happening every day, but the focus of most events is the economy. Therefore, the choice of commerce sector can be useful for pursuing a career in this field. After the XII, the aspirant can do B. Comand then M.Com. During this time, students study related topics like finance, business administration, accounting, e-commerce, sales, and marketing. Courses like Finance, Insurance, Banking, Chartered Accountancy, Foreign Trade, Stock Broking and Investment Analyst can be done. In the last few years, some institutes have launched special courses like Bachelor in Accountancy and Finance, Bachelor in Banking and Insurance, Bachelor of Financial Markets. A Master’s Degree in Business Economics, Finance and Control can also be obtained. Candidates having a Master’s Degree in Commerce may get some opportunities like teaching, civil service, higher education, banking sector, broking, research, insurance, financial institution, cost accountant, company secretary, chartered accountant. B. Comand students with MBA degrees can get a great opportunity at both public and private sector companies, corporate. Candidates who have a mastery over numerology can have the opportunity to work in the top-notch and challenging field of Financial Engineering (Financial Engineering). Among the factors driving the Indian economy are constantly innovating in Bank Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stock Markets, Venture Capital, Insurance, and Portfolio Management. The same benefit can be obtained by trained candidates in Commerce.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020