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Authors : R. K. Aher

Page Nos : 6-8

Description :
Tajetes erecta (Marigold) is an hairy erect annual herb 1-2 ft high. It consists of chemical compositions like salicyclic acid, essenatial oil. Essential oil containing azulenogenic sesquiterpenes. Flowers contain calendulin, traces of essential oin, oleanolic acid, a gum, a sterol, cholesterol and arnidiol. Insulin in roots. This plant is vulnerary, astringent and styptic. Leaves are resolvent and diaphorties. Flowers and plant used to treat wounds and injuries hence this plant taken for experimental study. The purpose of this study was to observe effect of mycorrhizha on plants and its different biochemical composition. The leaves of Tajetes showed good antioxidant activity (82.17%) and UV-Visible spectra shows growth factor of plant. These observations are suggested that use of mycorrizha for the growth of plant is useful and also shows positive impact on biochemical composition of plant Tajetes.

Date of Online: 30 May 2020