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Use of detergents is increased day by day by human being and most of the detergents degrade very slowly in water body i.e. they remain in the aquatic system for longer time. Pollution of the water bodies will create physiological stress on the aquatic fauna. Among various forms of pollution in water bodies, detergent pollution has an immediate and detrimental effect. Channa punctatus, a common fresh water fish was used in our study to determine the effect of detergent pollution on the fish’s breathing. Three different concentrations of a popular brand of detergent were prepared and the amounts of Dissolved Oxygen consumed by fishes exposed to the detergent were determined using Winkler’s method. Present study demonstrated that Dissolved Oxygen consumption in Channa punctatus increases in the presence of detergent. This is due to the stress caused by the detergent on the normal physiological activities of the fish. Draining of domestic sewage containing detergents into water bodies adversely affect its aquatic fauna.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2019