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Authors : M.D. Rajput, P. N. Rasal, V. S. Girase and D. A. Gadekar

Page Nos : 91-99

Description :
The present investigation entitled “Adaptability Parameters in Wheat” was carried out to study the nature and performance of wheat genotypes at various environments for the yield and yield attributing characters. Twelve genotypes and four released varieties of wheat were grown at Botany Section Farm, College of Agriculture, Dhule during Rabi 2014-15, in a Randomized Block Design with three replications across four environments. The genotypes NIAW 2565, NIAW 2563, NIAW 34 and NIAW 2556 were found promising in E3 and E4 environments, hence these genotypes can be considered in breeding programmes for improvement of wheat for late sowing. The values of G x E interaction were significant for all the twelve characters, which indicated that genotypes interacted differently with environmental variations. With respect to grain yield, NIAW 2495, NIAW 2595, NIAW 2539 and NIAW 301 were found to have below average stability and are suitable for favorable environment. Whereas, NIAW 1994 was grouped in above average stable and is suitable for unfavorable environment. Based on per se performance, regression coefficient and deviations from regression, the genotypes viz; NIAW 2565, NIAW 2556 and NIAW 2563 were found to be stable and adaptable to a wide range of environments suggesting that these genotypes be better exploited in terms of grain yield.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020