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Authors : M.M. Shinkhede* and D.B. Tembhare

Page Nos : 178-185

Description :
In insects, there are various digestive processes like enzyme secretion, epithelial tissue regeneration, absorption of nutrients, working of gut musculature and maintenance of gut pH. These all activities are regulated by peptides of insect brain and midgut. Effects of brain and midgut epithelium on secretion of digestive enzymes have been investigated, employing an in vitro method, to ascertain direct action of the gut peptides. The large numbers of neuropeptides localized, isolated and structurally identified from different insect groups highlight the complexity of the neurosecretory system in regulating various physiological processes. During the bioassay experiment, brain extract showed on significant effect while midgut extract elevated significantly the amylase and protease activity. The role of midgut in the regulation of digestive enzyme activity is proved in Apis cerana indica.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020