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Authors : Gitanjali Kakade and Sajan Khapke*

Page Nos : 84-86

Description :
Medicinal plants have been used from the Vedic era. For thousands of years, they have been used to treat and prevent many types of diseases along with epidemics. The study was aimed to understand chlorophyll content and chlorophyll stability index of some antiallergenic medicinal plants. This study is helpful to know the photosynthetic growth potential of the medicinal plants and to know the ability of plants to withstand in the adverse environmental conditions. Chlorophyll is most prominent and important pigment in plants. Chlorophyll shows structural similarities to human blood and hence it has many health benefits. The chlorophyll content was estimated by spectrophotometric method by using acetone as a solvent. The total chlorophyll content is higher in Acacia concinna (0.685mg/gfw) and lower in Aloe barbadensis (0.066mg/gfw). Bixa orellana shows higher chlorophyll stability index (CSI) i.e. 0.317 and lower in Lawsonia inermis i.e. 0.043.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020