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Authors : Surekha L. Chavan and Snehal B. Gagare

Page Nos : 91-100

Description :
In the following study, experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of Withania somnifera(WS) and Solanum nigrum(SN) (Solanaceae family) leachates on water deficit stress in Wheat. Drought stress caused significant decrease in growth parameters: (% seed germination shoot and root length, fresh and dry weight of shoots and roots) and photosynthetic pigments (chl a, chl b, carotenoids and total pigments). On the other hand, drought stress caused significant increase in antioxidant activity and osmolytes in wheat.Withania somniferaand Solanum nigrum leachates were applied to the experimental pots containing wheat seeds at two different concentration(5% and 10%) enhanced all the above parameters than that of the control plants and drought stressed plants. The total phenolics and Flavanoid content of the leachates of WS and SN were also assessed which was in correlation with the antioxidant activity in the leachates. The study highlights the leachates from WS and SN not only enhanced the drought tolerance of wheat but also increased the yield parameters. The comparative study of both WS and SN show WS has more pronounced effect on the tolerance of drought stress and yield parameters in Wheat.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2021