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Authors : P A Lambat, V S Dongre and K J Cherian

Page Nos : 01-04

Description :
The plant responses on elevated level of CO2 by conducting experiments with different types of structure and simulation modeling which include growth chamber, controlled environmental chambers, open top chamber and free air CO2 enrichment facilities, etc,. The effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment have been studied for three years in green house, controlled environmental chambers, OTCs and other elevated structures to confine the CO2 gas around the experimental plants.Four units of OTCs were already established and plants have been exposed to controlled temp, humidity and various CO2 for study of physiological changes in different growth: AMB: AMBIENT OUTSIDE, OTC1: AMBIENT C02(CONTROL), OTC2: ELEVATED C02 (400ppm)+ Ambient Temp, OTC3: ELEVATED C02 (450ppm)+ Ambient Tempand OTC4: ELEVATED C02 500ppm + Ambient Temp. Thus, on the basis of the study results, it is concluded that there is significant (P<0.05) difference in the rate of infection amongst different cropsat an elevated CO2 concentration from the ambient i.e. 550 ppm.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2019