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Authors : A.P. Gandhre1,U. T. Dangore

Page Nos : 60-72

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Cotton is major cash crop in the country. For study three tahsils viz; Hinganghat, Wardha and Samudrapur were selected. Four villages were selected from each tahsil, from each village 10 farmers were selected and classify on the basis of farm size as small, medium and large farmers. The per hectare cost of production for overall 120 farmers at cost 'A1, A2 was Rs.40794.10, cost ' B1 was Rs.42919.74, whereas cost B2 was Rs.63394.88 and cost 'C1 was Rs.45262.76, Cost C2 was Rs.65737.89 whereas cost C3 was Rs.72311.68.Overall level average gross return worked out to Rs.123001.10 with input-output ratio at cost C2 was 1:1.87. High cost of human labour was major problem which was expressed by 75 (62.50 per cent) farmers fallowed by lack of financial facility was expressed by 74(61.67 per cent). Low level of productivity was 65 (54.16 per cent).

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2021