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Authors : Sangita R. Meghal and Kalpana Jadhav

Page Nos : 01-03

Description :
The aim of the study was to conduct dietary assessment and to calculate nutrient intake of pregnant diabetic women. For present study, purposive random sampling technique was used to select the sample. By using this method, researcher selected total 500 pregnant diabetic women from Nagpur city. The data regarding nutrition was collected through dietary survey. Diabetic pregnant women get higher amount of calories (2339±231.38 Kcal), carbohydrates (202.9±34.3 gm/day) and fats (42.33±10.6 gm/day) from their diet while they get less amount of proteins (63.54±9.48 gm/day), vitamin-A (1509.11±775.53 g/day), vitamin-B1 (0.053±0.045 mg/day), vitamin-B2 (0.12±0.11 mg/day), vitamin-B12 (0.07±0.05 g/day), calcium (557.02±28.26 mg/day), iron (21.22±9.43 mg/day), magnesium (105.57±17.15 mg/day) and zinc (7.42±1.98 mg/day). It is suggested that Diabetic pregnant women should consult a dietician and get a weekly diet chart. The diet chart should be followed strictly; they should take timely breakfast and meals, should strictly avoid eating fast food and should use fruits and green leafy vegetables in their diet.

Date of Online: 30 May 2019