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Authors : Karuna Khobragade

Page Nos : 34-40

Description :
Mobile Ad-hoc network is an infrastructure-less network used for wireless communication. MANET can be built with mobile nodes which can move anywhere at any time. This results into the dynamic topology of MANET. Each node is responsible for routing the message from one node to other node like a router, causes network more vulnerable to the different attacks. Security is a key feature in mobile ad-hoc network(MANET) but they are prone to various types of attacks such as network layer attacks. Black hole is one the network layer attacks. It is a prominent security threat in MANET. In Black hole attack, malicious node falsely claims that having shortest path to destination and eventually captures all data packets from source which are intended to forward further to destination. This results into the performance degradation of network and also causes battery problem. In this paper , some of the detection techniques are discussed which are put forward by various researchers. Since, in AODV, route to destination is looked for adaptively, this loophole is used to carry out malicious hacking practices. A lot of work has been done to overcome the above stated problem. In this paper, the already present solutions have been analyzed, comparisons has been done on the basis of various parameters.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2019