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Authors : Sanjay L. Argade

Page Nos : 199-202

Description :
Climate change is the biggest universal issue, which need to fight and face it with patience, effective strategies and find remedies to overcome from this situation. Climate change covered all aspects, which is available in the world including human life, trade, and commerce also, so that climate change became challenge before the globe. In present days, trade and commerce is done through internet/online. Internet facility definitely interrupt climate, because huge data is stored and communicated through internet. Business transactions made easily and without any difficulty by means of electronic media, tools and techniques. E-commerce and advertising has potential to make transactions effectively. Although climate data has the complex nature, scientific study of climate change brings some opportunities in the business world. Climatechange creates big challenges in front of businessperson as well as brings number of opportunities in front of them in trade and commerce.It is an opportunity in front of traders that to mine large data from climate and use it as to mitigate customers’ demands. For this, there is a need of climate science applications. Modern climate science applications can be used as big data technique instead of traditional data techniques. Scientific data techniques results in get more accurate and helpful information to produce goods and services as per the demands of customers. More and more climate change affects all business activities, which need to take correct actions to safeguard the interest of marketers.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020