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Authors : Yogesh Bhute, Shivkumar Chauhan,V.V. Baile

Page Nos : 32-35

Description :
Clarias gariepinus is an African catfish, commonly found in most of the regions of India. This is a fast growing and hardy fish as compared to other indigenous catfishes. In the present investigation, chromosome number and karyotyping of C. gariepinus are performed. By using phytohemagglutinin (PHA) activated whole blood cell culture, metaphase chromosomes were isolated and studied. Metaphase shows that it has 2n=54 number of chromosomes. The chromosomes are further classified as 08 metacentric, 22 submetacentric, 14 subtelocentric and10 telocentric. This study is important for knowing genomic constitution of this fish as well as it is useful for hybridization with other indigenous catfishes.

Date of Online: 30 may 2021