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Authors : A. N. Tambe and A. M. Bhosale

Page Nos : 218-224

Description :
Significant effect of the microorganism treatment on plant growth has been reported by several workers for many crops including Watermelon. In present investigation T. harzianum was cultured in modified glucose medium and extracted by ethyl acetate. HPLC and GCMS analysis of extract confirmed presence of plant growth regulators such as GA3 and IAA. Various conc. of extracted PGRs were prepared and applied on watermelon to analyze bioefficacy. Results indicated that 10% treatment significantly increases number of flowers, whereas increased in concentration above 10% inhibits flowering. Spraying of purified growth regulators significantly increases number of fruit over the control in all treatments, maximum number of fruits were observed in 5% treatment (11.6) followed by 10% and 15% over the control(5.66). Similarly all treatments in watermelon showed improvement in fruit weight significantly. Highest average weight of fruits was recorded in 10% conc. (3.9 Kg), followed by 15% and 5% over the control (2.26), this finding confirmed that Trichoderma culture extract significantly promotes crop productivity.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2020