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Authors : Atul K. Pimpalshende, , Shashikant R. Sitre and Manohar.S.Ambatkar

Page Nos : 18-22

Description :
The present research was carried out to find the diversity of aquatic weeds in Konsari lake of Chamorshi tehsil of Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra state (India) in the year 2020. In all total 16 different species of aquatic weeds were found to be present in Konsari lake. The aquatic weeds were represented by six different types as, free floating, submerged floating, Rooted floating, rooted submerged, rooted emergent and marginal weeds. In present study rich biodiversity of aquatic weeds indicate its enriched status on which a lot of migratory birds are visitors in winter season.

Date of Online: 30 may 2021