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Authors : Tiraka Nualjan

Page Nos : 47-53

Description :
Children develop gross motor skills at different rates, but when young children have difficulty with these skills, they can perform different primary motor activities. This has an effect on further learning. The school helps develop English learning activities for students in kindergarten Krabi Province, Thailand. By applying bilateral coordination practice with learning the basic English language knowledge in Physical Education Activities. We found that students were more interested and able to develop learning skills in all aspects of the age with fun and can increase learning English and basic academic effectively. And also found that the physical attributes of balance and bilateral coordination also help to provide appropriate posture for tabletop tasks and to keep kids focused, it also has an effect on the success of the later times in small motors. We conclude by encouraging theoretical and methodological approaches to clarify the mechanisms that implicate bilateral coordination on Physical Education Activities and Gross Motor Skills in school performance and achievement.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2021