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Authors : Ankita Pol and Vandana Dhawad

Page Nos : 1-7

Description :
Improving quality of life in the slum is one of the development goals for current scenario. Slums are the product of socio-economic conditions of a particular social system inhibiting the physical, mental, moral and social development of the individual. It is observed that the basic amenities related to housing such as electric lighting, toilet facilities and access to water are also at for lower standards in slum area. In this paper socio-Economic condition of the urban slum dwellers of Nagpur city were analysed. Social conditions are analysed in terms of Socio-Economic status, Basic Amenities available in slum, Causes of slum, problems faced by slum dwellers discussed and analysed. Sample size of this study was 100 slum dwellers family’s .Purposive sampling method was selected for the study. Survey method selected for research work. Questionnaire cum Interview method was selected for the survey. Slums are increasingly faced with problems such as population, Shortage of housing, basic civic amenities, poverty and unemployment.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2021