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Authors : S. Umratkar and R. Kumar

Page Nos : 429-438

Description :
Abstract: This paper focuses on the android mobile application which is mainly developed for children security. This application helps in tracking the school van to and from school and send the notification to the parent for the status of children. The database of parent, driver and student is created in this application where student and driver database is created in the school side and parent database is created in parent side so that it can be efficiently used by both the side. For tracking the school van GPS and other two methods are used cell tower triangulation and IP address tracking, using these methods van can be tracked more efficiently. This paper explains use of Broadcast receiver and SQLite for Sending the notification, getting the location of van and for storing the data and performing various operations such as Save, Delete, Modify and Update. Keywords—Android, securit, GPS, Broadcast Receiver, SQLite, Cel Tower Triangulationl

Date of Online: 30 May 2015