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Authors : A. N. Wazalwar

Page Nos : 424-428

Description :
Abstract: A variety of applications of bulk ferroelectrics are discussed. Further, how the applications change if the ferroelectrics are made and studied at nanoscale level are stated and discussed. Bulk Ferroelectric Materials find applications as and in Capacitors, Non-volatile memory, Piezoelectrics for ultrasound imaging and actuators, Electro-optic materials for data storage applications, Thermistors etc. As against that ferroelectric nanomaterials find their use in numerous applications like non volatile memory devices, Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor, photovoltaics, energy cells, biomarkers, sensors, high capacity capacitors, cleaning of environment pollution. The possibility of how making ferroelectrics at nanoscale enhances its applications is discussed.

Date of Online: 30 May 2015