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Authors : P. P. Chahande

Page Nos : 56-63

Description :
Novel polymers based on linseed oil, phthalic and maleic anhydride have been synthesized. The variation in mole ratios, reaction temperature, type of catalyst and the time of heating has been studied. The idea of the present work is to develop a new polymer based mainly on vegetable sources and use it as an active ingredient in detergent composition. An ecofriendly alkyd resin polymer based on linseed oil and rosin was synthesized and used with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) instead of LABS for detergent formulation. Efforts are made to select the optimize proportion of dolomite to get excellent detergency. Based on surface tension, detergency and foam volume the prepared compositions are on par or sometimes better than commercial samples. The proposed composition can be easily prepared in existing alkyd resin manufacturing plant with little modifications.

Date of Online: 30 May 2014