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Authors : Vilayatkar N D1; Rahangdale P K2*; Gadegone S M3 & Kurzekar R4

Page Nos : 1316-1325

Description :
The presence of heavy metals in the environment is matter of major concerns because of their toxicity, bio-accumulating tendency and threat to human life. Many advanced researches are devoted to developed technique for removal of heavy metals form environment, especially waste-water. The use of low cost locally available and eco-friendly adsorbent has been ideal alternative to current expensive methods for removing toxic metals. The present research article reports the potential use of activated carbon derived from caster fruit shell as an green environmental material for abatement of toxic heavy metals, like lead from waste-water. Adsorption of Pb(II) followed second order kinetics. The adsorption equilibrium was well represented by Langmuir isotherm. The newly developed activated carbon derived from caster fruit shell has been proved to be an attractive option for toxic heavy metal removal from industrial effluents.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2014