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Authors : P.K.Wankhade, R.S.Sapkal, V.S. Sapkal

Page Nos : 1369-1375

Description :
Various drying methods are employed to dry different agricultural products. Each method has its own advantages and limitations. Choosing the right drying system is thus important in the process of drying agricultural products. Care must be taken in choosing the drying system. Study comparing traditional drying and other drying methods for the reduction of the drying time and to a significant improvement of the product quality in terms of color texture and taste. Reduces the possibilities, the contamination by insects and microorganisms so that product is prevented. An experimental study was performed to determine the drying characteristics of vegetables (okra, Potato) using hot air dryer, solar dryer and open sun drying method. For drying the test samples were dried in a laboratory scale hot air dryer, solar dryer at a constant air velocity of 1 m/s and air temperature in the range of 40–90°C and open air drying. Drying characteristics of okra and potato slices were investigated in a hot air dryer for a temperature range 60 to 90°C at constant air velocity 1.0 m/s. Results indicated that drying took place in the falling rate period. The sample dried analyses on the basis of color, texture and taste as comparatively at different temperatures.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2014