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Authors : K. Vishwakarma1, T. Nanhoriya1, D. Ahirwar2, S. Khade3, S. Tiwari4

Page Nos : 1326-1331

Description :
CdS is an important II-VI semiconductor and has been highlighted as an efficient emitter because of its high quantum yield and direct band gap in the visible range. In the present work, PVA capped CdS nanoparticles have been synthesized using Simple Chemical route. This paper presents the study of the structural and optical properties of PVA capped cadmium sulphide nanoparticles. XRD pattern showed the hexagonal phase o\\\\f CdS nanoparticles. The band gap of the nano crystalline material is determined from the UV spectrograph. The calculated grain size is found to be 3.62 nm.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2014