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Authors : Chandana S1, Talluri Rameshwari K R2 and Sumana K*

Page Nos : 36-45

Description :
Cyanobacteria are most commonly useful organism, storing reserve food in the form of cyanophycean starch, protein, carbohydrate, lipids and vitamins. These are the basic dietary supplements of human food. With the increasing population it is not possible for many countries to meet their food needs with the use of only conventional food sources. Hence it is suggested that unconventional sources of food specially drawn from cyanobacteria can be used to meet the needs of global food meet. In presented study, the biochemical constituents were analyzed in the term of total carbohydrates, total protein, total lipid contents and amino acid. Cyanobacteria used in this investigation were collected from various area of Nagpur and Wardha district. In this study it is showed that maximum amount of total carbohydrate (21 % dry weight) was recorded in Oscillatoria spp. Maximum amount of total protein (60 % dry weight) were recorded in Spirullina platensis and maximum amount of lipid (10.11 % dry weight) were recorded in Nostoc elipsosporum. Whereas, various common amino acids were also recorded in investigated cyanobacteria.

Date of Online: 30 may 2021