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Authors : Anup Kodape, Sangeeta Sharma

Page Nos : 54-59

Description :
The Azolla-Anabaena symbiosis is outstanding due to its high productivity combined with its ability to fix nitrogen at high rates. Anabaena azollae a blue green alga, isolated from a pteridophyte, Azolla pinnata by growing in stress conditions. Anabaena culture was grown in Benecks media and further transferred in sterile soil and tap water medium (w/v). Water from the cultures of Anabaena contains nitrogen and can promote the growth of test crop. Taken this into consideration, the bioassays were performed on growth of wheat by evaluating different growth parameters, like germination percentage, seedling height, weight and chlorophyll content. The effect of Anabaena culture on soil texture was observed by analyzing the physico-chemical properties of treated soil against the control. In the experiment of presoaking treatment of wheat seeds, 12 hrs presoaking was found most promoting which showed 100% germination. Wheat seedlings growth enhancement was observed in treated wheat seedling with Anabaena culture water and a significant improvement in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus content was observed with increased pH and reduced EC. The Anabaena culture water was analyzed in comparison with normal tap water as control, to evaluate the difference in the nutrient quality available for treated plants.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2021