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Authors : C. R. Kasar

Page Nos : 22-25

Description :
Shivni Ta: Ghatanji, Dist., Yavatamal. (M.S.) India, Location 200-9’-30’’, 780-25’-50” Area (sq.k.m.) 6.99. Utility value: Irrigation .Chorkhund, Ta: Ghatanji, Dist., Yavatamal. (M.S.) India, Location, 190-50’-00’’, 780-2’-30” Area (sq.k.m.) 8.24. Utility value: Irrigation .These two fresh water resources (dam) were selected for comparative study of aquatic floras found in Ghatanji area Dist. Yavatamal (M. S.)India. During the year 2018-2019. Total seventeen species of aquatic floras belonging to fourteen families were found, out of which Seven in Shivni, whereas eleven in Chorkhund, The comparative study shows the impacts on fresh water resources (Dam). Both the dams are seriously affected by unwanted growth of aquatic weeds. They were reducing the storage, conveyance capacity of dams and Impede recreational activities like swimming, fishing and boating. They may also cause physico-chemical changes like reduction in oxygen levels and present gaseous exchange with water resulting in adverse fish production. They can provide a favorable and protected habitat for disease vectors mainly the insects. The rapid spread of aquatic weeds in the dam’s vegetative and other means is creating serious socio-economic problems. Comparative study shows Chorkund dam were more affected by this problem as above than the Shivani Dam. So the management of weeds is important. So that, the action should be taken by the concerning department for to improving the availability of dam water which is mainly used for animal and irrigation purposes.

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2021