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Authors : Prachi Lambat 1, Rajesh Gadewar 2, Vipin Babhulkar 3, Ashish Lambat 4, Atul Banginwar5

Page Nos : 34-39

Description :
One of the major problems encountered in Black soybean production is the lack of good quality seeds at the time of sowing. In the present investigation freshly harvested seeds of the Black soybean, were graded into small, medium and bold seeds. The graded seeds stored in jute bags upto next sowing season. In the present investigation the observation on different tests were taken bimonthly from November -2016 to June – 2017. It was observed that the recovery percentage was significantly higher in medium size seeds as compared to small and bold size seeds. The 100 – seed weight was significantly maximum in bold size seeds. Among the seed grades, medium size seeds showed significantly higher seed viability and field emergence percentage as compared to small, bold and ungraded seeds. Seedling vigour parameters viz. speed of germination, length of seedling, seedling dry weight and seed vigour index was higher in bold seeds but it is at par with medium sized seeds. It was also noted that Aspergillus Sp., Fusarium Sp., Curvualaria Sp., Rhizopus Sp., and Penicillium Sp. were the most commonly occurring fungi irrespective of Black soybean seed sizes during storage. But total incidence percentages of fungi were observed higher on small size seeds as compared to other size seeds. The medium size seeds showed significantly higher seed viability, field emergence percentage and lesser invasion of fungal flora during storage up to coming Kharif Season sowing time

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2019