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Authors : Sunita Gaikwad* and Ashok Tuwar

Page Nos : 141-144

Description :
Extensive use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and biocides. These disturbed the natural balance of soil nutrients that caused severe problem like reduction in soil fertility, soil erosion, desertification and ultimately the destruction of soil flora and fauna. The indiscriminate use of synthetic agrochemicals resulted in poisoning the soil, killing soil micro-organisms, stunning plants and causing harmful diseases in plants and animals and human beings. Therefore, biofertilizers are to be used for better agricultural output and to maintain the quality of soil. The term ‘biofertilizers’ can be increase nutrient availability to the plants. Today, various eco-friendly organic fertilizers have been developed. It is an established fact that algae, especially seaweeds can be used as good renewable source of biofertilizers. To find out the effect of different concentration of fresh aqueous extract of an alga Ulva compost extract of different concentration viz. 2.5%, 5%,7.5%, increased the root growth, shoot growth, and total seedling growth of the test plant Raphanus sativus L. var. ‘Hybrid 11’ seedling growth promotion was co – related with extract concentration.

Date of Online: 30 May 2020