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Authors : M. J. Shaikh

Page Nos : 114-116

Description :
The concentrations of heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Pb, Ni and Zn) in sample water and organs (muscle, gills and liver) of fish Cirrhinamrigala of river Godavari, at Nathsagar Dam in Maharashtra were analyzed. There was an appreciable decrease in metal concentrations in sample water from site I to site II. The heavy metal concentrations in sample water was in the order Ni>Pb>Cd>Zn>Cr. Accumulation of heavy metals in the organs of fish Cirrhinamrigala was found in the order gills>muscle>liver. In the gills, lead was found maximum (3.83 μg/g dry weight), whereas chromium was minimum (0.68μg/g dry weight). In the muscles, the values of lead was 2.59μg/g, comparatively chromium was 0.64μg/g. In the liver, lead, cadmium and nickel were more concentrated compared to zinc and chromium. The concentration of heavy metals accumulated in gills and liver was found in the order Pb>Cd>Ni>Zn>Cr and in the muscles, it was found in the order Pb>Cd>Ni>Cr>Zn. As the fish Cirrhinamrigala is largely consumed by people, it is essential to make awareness about water pollution and effects of heavy metals on human body.

Date of Online: 30 May 2020