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Authors : Chavre B. W.

Page Nos : 107-113

Description :
Biotechnology contributed with a wide spectra in human life. The fields like agriculture, medicine, diagnosis, textile, food, environment and many more are highly captivated by various deliberating inventions of biotechnology.Advancement in it could led to the development of cellular engineering, biomaterials, biochips, stem cells, gene engineering and so proceeding rapidly.Due its interdisciplinary nature, it has progressed in all possible branches and have spread wings at social, political, economical, environmental and global levels.In a directive to meet needs of fast growing population, biotechnologists are oftenly engaged in the new invention in various grounds of biology.In some extent, we could achive our goal but some unidrectional and unpredicted experiments of biotechnology triggered some antagonistic and unexpected effects too. Evolution of novel microorganisms leading to new disease, side effects of GM foods, troubling ecological balance, loss of natural gene combinations, developed resistance by pests etc are some ill effects of biotechnology. In the present article, an attempt and approach is made to discuss some positive and negetive implications of biotechnological inventions so, that common people can get awared of everything they using for their livelihood. It is expected that, in the near future we should control some harmful trials and accelerate some fruitful investigations by taking care of welfare of human being and surrounding environment.

Date of Online: 30 May 2020