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Authors : R.R. Saswade

Page Nos : 104-106

Description :
Onion is one of the Indian cash crop, grown in maximum parts of India. It is used in spices and condiment. Streptomycin is an antibiotic (anti-mycobacterial) drug which is also used as pesticide to control bacteria, fungi and algae. In this investigation effect of different concentration of streptomycin (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2%) at different time interval on onion root meristem cells shows certain abnormalities at room temperature were done. The onion root meristems were not treated showed normal cell division. The value of cell division decreases as there is increase in concentration and time duration in streptomycin solution as well as rate of cell division most least at 2% concentration treated for 6 hour duration. Above result revealed that streptomycin is cytotoxic to plant cell and bring mutation even decreases rate of cell division.

Date of Online: 30 May 2020