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Authors : D. G. Shimpi and M. V. Gavali

Page Nos : 23-25

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The present study was undertaken in the remote area of Nasik District of Maharashtra, India for exploration of anti-cancerous plants. Near about 32 plant species were studied which are used for cancer treatment Due to change in life style and hazardous pesticides are used for increase in the yield of crop, peoples are suffering from malignant growth of Cancer cells. Globally cancer is a disease which severely effects the human population. There is a constant demand for new therapies to treat and prevent of this life-threatening disease. Various plants like Acorous, Andrographis, Curcuma can be used for the treatment of cancer since of human history and on the basis of modern medicine. The use of leaves, tubers rhizomes, bulbils, fruits, Seeds, flowers etc. are used to cure cancer treatment. anti-cancerous molecules are identified & isolated from plants for treatment. The tribal are used extract of various plant part for anti-cancerous activity. The plants can produces naturally occurring secondary metabolites which are being investigated for their anti-cancerous activities leading to the development of new clinical drugs.

Date of Online: 30 May 2020